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Counselling Support

Counselling Support

for Two-Spirit, LGBTQIA+ and Neurodivergent individuals

Stolen Land Acknowledgement:

Out of the Box Counselling & Collaborations operates in so called Waterloo Region on the stolen traditional land of the Mississaugas, the Haudenosaunee, the Attawandronk, and Anishnaabe People.

As such, Out of the Box acknowledges the sovereignty of Indigenous Peoples in this area and across Turtle Island (Canada), and stands in solidarity with advocates, land defenders, and water defenders calling for Indigenous sovereignty and the return of land to the original caretakers of this area. There is no freedom for the LGBTQIA+ community without the freedom of Indigenous People which is only possible through nation to nation sovereignty.

The Two Row Wampum, Simcoe Patent, and Haldimand Tract Treaties are nation to nation agreements, that were intended to promote values of peace, friendship and respect, while upholding the sovereignty of Indigenous nations and their lands.

There is a long standing colonial legacy that disregards these treaties and violates promised human and land sovereignty. According to these treaties at least 6 miles on either side of the grand river was intended for Indigenous nations; today only 4.8% of that land is held by Indigenous communities. It is important for us to recognize that colonial legacies have shaped our own understanding of history and continue to disproportionately impact the land, the natural world, Indigenous People, and communities.

Despite the colonial legacies that continue to attempt to erase millennia of valuable knowledges, contributes to an active genocide, and pervasive societal racism, Indigenous Peoples continue to resist assimilation, reclaim (nearly) lost traditions, and claim their rightful place as the First Peoples of this continent. As we discover more evidence of the true impacts of the Residential School System in Canada, it is critical for Canadians to first grapple with the truth of Indigenous Peoples lived experience before we can begin a conversation about reconciliation and moving forward.

#bringthemhome #everychildmatters 

About Me:

My name is Krystal Hilchey Muise and I am originally from Mi’kmaki territory (Nova Scotia). I am on my own learning journey to reconnect with my Mi’kmaq and French/Acadian ancestry as a way to begin walking through this world in a way that honours Indigenous sovereignty, including justice and environmental stewardship.

I am proudly gender non-conforming, neurodivergent, queer individual who provides trauma counselling to other queer neurodivergent folks. I am a trauma survivor of gender based violence and have lived experience that has taken me in many directions over the years. 

I have supported people who have/who have previously experienced, gender based violence, domestic violence, addiction challenges, gender/sexual diversity exploration, childhood trauma, mental health challenges, and strong emotions. I now provide formal trauma informed counselling services for other neuroqueers who are looking to heal, disrupt the status quo, and celebrate the unique skills and gifts that each of us have to live a more authentic life.

*Queer: The term queer has historically been a slur-type word that has recently begun to be reclaimed by people who do not feel that other labels reflect their true identity and/or for people who see their own identity as intertwined with the wider political rights/needs of their community.


1-on-1 Counselling

Currently offering virtual counselling via secured video platform.

Group Counselling

Available to plan, organize, and run group counselling opportunities such as:

Consulting Services

Design Work

About Counselling Services:

Out of the Box Counselling services are offered to anyone over the age of 12 with priority given to Two-Spirit/Indigiqueer, queer, trans, Black, Indigenous, and racialized people. Out of the Box Counselling specializes in supporting neurodivergent folks, Queer folks, neuroqueer folks, folks whose brains work a little differently and those who have struggled with feeling like they don’t fit in.

Rooted in social justice, trans/racial right, critical disability/queer theory, and evidence-based frameworks, Out of the Box Counselling is looking to work with brave people who want to do things differently. I try to walk alongside of the people I work with, honouring each person’s autonomy to live their best life while connecting the personal to the political to advocate for better change on a wider scale.

As a counsellor, I am informed by a number of different approaches that I draw from to connect to the specific needs of the person I am working with. If you would like to know more about the frameworks, approaches, and ways in which I counsel feel free to reach out. Book an appointment to discuss your counselling options.

About Collaborations:

With over 10 years experience in the social services/non-profit sector both in Canada and in East & West Africa, I have experience in project management, capacity building, and organizational change. 

As a global thinker, I have a lot of experience conducting participatory community needs assessments and developing programs with community buy-in. I have collaborated with organizations to further equity initiatives in the workplace, to write reports and research community needs. 

Additionally, I have a growing interest in expanding my portfolio of creating meaningful resources that are both informative, visually appealing, and accessible. Contact me to connect to discuss your collaboration project needs.


Out of the Box Updates

Out of the Box Counselling Blog is now live!

Check back for insights and tips from Krystal on all topics related to counselling and support for NeuroQueer, Neurodivergent, and 2SLGBTQ+ individuals.

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