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Out of the Box Counselling services are offered to anyone over the age of 12 with priority given to Two-Spirit/Indigiqueer, queer, trans, Black, Indigenous, and racialized people. Out of the Box Counselling specializes in supporting neurodivergent folks, Queer folks, neuroqueer folks, folks whose brains work a little differently and those who have struggled with feeling like they don’t fit in.

Rooted in liberation and social justice, trans rights, racial rights, critical disability and queer theory, and evidence-based frameworks, Out of the Box Counselling is looking to work with brave people who want to do things differently. We try to work alongside the people we work with, honouring each person’s autonomy to live their best life while connecting the personal to the political to advocate for better change on a wider scale. ]

Learn more about each of our team members below or reach out to discuss your counselling options. 

About Krystal

My name is Krystal Hilchey Muise and I am originally from Mi’kmaki territory (Nova Scotia). I am on my own learning journey to reconnect with my Mi’kmaq and French/Acadian ancestry as a way to begin walking through this world in a way that honours Indigenous sovereignty, including justice and environmental stewardship.

I am proudly gender non-conforming, neurodivergent, queer individual who provides trauma counselling to other queer neurodivergent folks. I am a trauma survivor of gender based violence and have lived experience that has taken me in many directions over the years. 

I have supported people who have/who have previously experienced, gender based violence, domestic violence, addiction challenges, gender/sexual diversity exploration, childhood trauma, mental health challenges, and strong emotions. I now provide formal trauma informed counselling services for other neuroqueers who are looking to heal, disrupt the status quo, and celebrate the unique skills and gifts that each of us have to live a more authentic life.

*Queer: The term queer has historically been a slur-type word that has recently begun to be reclaimed by people who do not feel that other labels reflect their true identity and/or for people who see their own identity as intertwined with the wider political rights/needs of their community.

About Monica

Hi there, I’m Monica van Schaik (they/them). I support members of the neurodivergent and 2SLGBTQ+ community to live with greater self-acceptance, empowerment and well-being. 

I come from Belgian and Dutch ancestry and spent my childhood as a guest on Algonqquin and Anishnaabe territory in the so-called Ottawa Valley. I currently live along the Haldimand Tract in so-called Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario. I have been a disability justice and Indigenous solidarity activist for the past 20 years, believing deeply that systemic change is essential to our collective healing and individual well-being. 

I have grown to understand myself as a dyslexic, non-binary, queer, polyamorous trauma survivor. I have found healing and understanding through counselling, activism, art and community. In my clinical therapy practice, I value collaboration and taking a therapeutic approach that resonates with your healing journey. I use a trauma-informed approach that integrates narrative and mindfulness therapies and draws from skills rooted in DBT, ACT, and attachment. My approach is warm, relational and explorative. 

Celebrating neurodiversity has been an integral part of my life growing up in L’Arche communities, being the sibling to my wonderful brother with Down’s Syndrome and later through discovering my own dyslexia. I love supporting neurodivergent people to find healing, accessibility and self-celebration. I work with individuals, as well as parents, caregivers and staff. I am a Relationship Development Intervention (RDI®) Certified Consultant and a Spelling to Communicate (S2C) Practitioner. I believe that our future world centers the creative, problem-solving and expansive knowing that comes from being disabled. 

When we work together, I will meet you with curiosity and care. It’s important to me that you feel safe and secure in our relationship so that you can use your sessions as a space to truly heal and grow. I currently offer individual therapy to people +12, therapy or consultation to parents/caregivers looking for support with a child or teen that is neurodivergent and/or queer, and Spelling to Communicate services. If you feel we may be a good fit, please reach out for a free introductory phone call. 


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