Spelling to Communicate


Spelling to Communicate (S2C)

What is Spelling to Communicate (S2C)?

Spelling to Communicate (S2C) is a method that teaches people with sensory, movement and regulation differences (e.g. autism, Down syndrome, apraxia) the purposeful motor control needed to communicate by pointing to letters on a letterboard. With regular practice, individuals gain the ability to communicate anything on their minds because access to the 26 letters of the english alphabet offers infinite possibilities.

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Who is a Candidate for S2C?

If someone you know cannot share their thoughts, ideas and emotions, they are a candidate for S2C. S2C has expanded the communication possibilities for many children and youth (5-18) and adults (18-65+) who identify with or who have been labelled with the following (among other) identities: 

What Does it Mean to be Nonspeaking?

The term we like to use for our clients is nonspeaking. Typically nonspeaking people fall under 3 different profiles:
Nonspeaking: Someone who does not or rarely speaks with words but may produce sounds.
Minimally SpeakingSomeone who may be able to communicate simple requests like what they would like for a snack but are unable to use speech to communicate deeper or more complex thoughts such as their emotional experience.

Unreliably Speaking: Someone who may say many words, such as phrases from a movie or the name of a restaurant, but are unable to access speech to communicate more complex things such as emotions or dreams for the future.


What Services do We Provide?

We offer in-person and virtual S2C services and regulation support for nonspeaking, minimally speaking and unreliably speaking people. This service includes an initial assessment phase, ongoing regular practice sessions, education about the science behind S2C and training for caregivers, parents, siblings, friends and staff.
In-person services are presently available from our office in Stratford, ON located at RGA Counselling Services. We are currently building a waitlist for in-person services in Kitchener-Waterloo. Virtual services are available for people anywhere.
Monica van Schaik – S2C Practitioner

I became a registered S2C Practitioner in 2018 after completing training with Elizabeth Vosseller. I have worked with a diverse range of nonspeaking people in S2C and previously as a tutor and caregiver. My journey supporting nonspeaking people began at age 6 when my family adopted my brother Andy, who has Down syndrome and is minimally speaking.

I am a co-founder and coordinator of the Spellers & Allies Advocacy Network (S&A) which is part of the International Association for Spelling as Communication (I-ASC). I love collaborating with nonspeaking people in S&A to find ways to make their vision of change a reality. I have been part of the Leadership Cadre of I-ASC since the organization’s inception in 2019. In this role, I have empowered and uplifted the leadership of nonspeaking people, trained S2C Practitioners-in-Training in the principles of S2C and in clinical skills of S2C practice, and led webinars for the international non-speaking community.

Funding Options for S2C:

Funding opportunities and financial assistance are possible through I-ASC’s Spellers Access Fund, Ontario Autism Program or Passport Program through Developmental Services Ontario. Contact Monica for more information about these options.

Contact Us

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of Spelling to Communicate, please email Monica for a free phone consultation (monica@outoftheboxcounselling). If you are ready to get started, we look forward to talking with you soon!  

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