Decolonization & Disability Justice for Palestine

We Stand in Solidarity with Palestinian People

Out of the Box Counselling & Collaborations stand in solidarity with Palestinian people and demand an end to the colonization of their land and the ongoing genocide of their people. As a counselling practice that upholds values of disability justice and decolonization, we demand that the Canadian government and all Western governments take action to protect human life and end settler colonialism in Palestine. 

We grieve the horrific loss of life in Palestine and Israel since October 7th, as well as the loss of life during the past 75 years of settler colonialism, apartheid and occupation in Palestine. We believe that the current crisis must be understood within a historical context in which Palestinian people in Gaza, the West Bank and diaspora have endured increasing loss of life, restriction of movement, poverty, harassment and racism under the control of the State of Israel and its supporters. The treatment of Palestinians is directly connected to Canadian, American and European capitalist interests in the State of Israel’s power and industry. These Western powers uphold Palestinian oppression through foreign aid, capitalist investments and pro-Israel lobbyists. Canada, the United States and European countries have continuously undermined attempts to hold Israel accountable by the United Nations and International Criminal Court for what it has done to Palestinian people since 1948. 

[Image description] A photo taken at the Kitchener, Ontario Vigil for Gaza. People are holding signs and Palestine’s flag and facing away from the camera.

Canada Needs to Defend Human Life in Palestine

In Canada, the Trudeau government actively supports the State of Israel, while ignoring the ongoing apartheid and settler colonialism in Palestine. This ongoing support continues Canada’s colonial agenda and history which has negatively impacted Indigenous communities here on Turtle Island and throughout the world. The Canadian government cannot carry out truth and reconciliation on Turtle Island while being complicit in the occupation and colonization of the Palestinian people, their land and territories. 

  • We demand that Canada identify the current situation in Palestine as a genocide and educate Canadians accordingly 
  • We demand an end to Canadian support of the State of Israel, through Canadian foreign aid and capital investment 
  • We demand a ceasefire and that humanitarian aid reach Palestinians immediately and sustainably
  • We demand action to end the apartheid and work towards resolution of the conflict between Palestinian people and the State of Israel

Colonization is a Leading Cause of Mental Distress and Disability

Historical and present day experiences of colonization on Turtle Island and throughout the world is a leading cause of disability and mental distress of Palestinian, Indigenous, Black and all colonized people. Canadian governments and institutions have made the choice to declare sole support for Israeli military action. Their silence in calling for a ceasefire and refusal to name the current situation a genocide and apartheid is a continuation of this disablement and distress. As mental health professionals we understand oppression in all its forms as a leading cause of mental health distress and disability. The mental health crisis that we face will continue to worsen when colonization and oppression continue to be permitted and supported. 

[Image description] A photo of a protest sign that reads: “Canadian Indifference is Deadly” people wearing keffiyehs and a Palestine flag can be seen in he background

With decolonization for all colonized people and disability justice as our values, we stand in solidarity and support of Palestinian people. We demand an immediate ceasefire, respect for basic human needs, access to humanitarian aid, the end to support and investment in the State of Israel and its military, and the end to the colonization of Palestinian people and land. We believe that the Trudeau government must do everything in its power to end this genocide and protect the wellbeing of all human beings. 

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