At Out of the Box, we believe that we as a community are stronger working together. 

We specialize in resource creation and design work, workplace and individual consultations and program management centered around equity, inclusion, neurodiversity and accessibility. We look to collaborate with individuals and organizations because we believe that collaboration leads to stronger communities that value everyone’s perspectives and skillsets. 

From Start to finish

Program Management

We know that organizations want to center the people they serve and employ, and that it can be difficult to do this effectively and equitably. We support your organization to develop and implement equity, inclusion and/or accessibility initiatives based on a community needs assessments that uncovers challenges and solutions that can be uplifted and strengthened. With over a decade of non-profit, project management, training and organizational change experience, we bring insight, perspective and lived experience to support your organization’s reflection and change process. When we work together we offer support from assessment through to implementation, collaborating with you as you navigate any challenges associated with new initiatives.

Visually appealing & Accessible

Graphic Design Work

At Out of the Box, we create digital and print resources that are accessible and visually appealing to all audiences. We make mental health, neurodiversity and therapeutic resources that are available in a way that people can understand and relate to.  


Types of design work offered:


Customizable for your interests & needs

Accessibility Consulation

At Out of the Box, we have lived experience navigating systems and relationships as queer and neurodivergent people. It can be exhausting and confusing to know what to ask for, know what our rights are and/or know how to take care of ourselves when we need to have these hard conversations. We offer consultations to support you, your family members and service providers. A consultation service typically includes 1-3 sessions where we talk about a specific topic or problem solve a specific situation.

We are also happy to speak to these topics in public education settings such as panels or community events. Get in touch with us to build your organization or institution’s understanding and ability to support neurodivergent and queer people. 

Some examples might be:
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